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The Illustrated

Harper & MacTavish Reader

Take the notebooks of two sleuthing crime reporters in post-Reconstruction South Carolina, add a dash of local color and history, simmer over the known facts of riveting period crimes near and far, give the reader a personal detective assignment with "The Great Harper & MacTavish Historical Mystery Challenge" . . . and you have a new, quarterly e-magazette created to intrigue aficionados of vintage mystery fiction: The Illustrated Harper & MacTavish Reader.

Step back in time to the American South of horse-drawn buggies, dirt streets, candles and oil lamps, bullies and champions, spreading railways and fast-disappearing stage transport, and newspapers vying for garish reader enticements. Harper, crime reporter for The Challenge in South Carolina's capital city, despises the sensationalism so heartily embraced by counterparts of the much larger competing dailies. A sixth sense takes him behind the scenes and more deeply into criminal activities than his rivals or even the detectives of his day, with results that speak for themselves when he files his final reports.

A hundred miles to the north, MacTavish at The Evening Crier, a likewise fledgling daily paper in Spartanburg, is of the same intellect and takes the same approach to his profession.

Readers were introduced to "The Harper Chronicles" in 2001 with the collected publication of The Chalk Town Train & Other Tales. In the South Carolina upstate, new readers began leafing through "The Casebook of MacTavish" when Spartanburg Today and its companion magazine, Boiling Springs Today, began publishing the short story series monthly in 2008.

Published quarterly in January, April, July and October, The Illustrated Harper & MacTavish Reader is an e-magazette (distributed by e-mail in .pdf format). It offers an episode from each principal's dossier in every issue—plus a resurrected classic mystery tale by one of the 19th-Century pioneers (Poe, Doyle, Post, Edwards, et al). There's much more than fiction here: anecdotes of period life, notes on crimes that still puzzle researchers after more than a century, etc.

Those of you who've read this far now learn the best part: The bonus introduction of a new set of Harper and MacTavish stories, never before published, electronically distributed weekly to subscribers in "cliffhanger" format! It's much like attending Saturday matinees of yesteryear to learn what happens next in a popular adventure-drama—starring (alternately) Harper and MacTavish! The cliffhanger set is included as part of your annual subscription.

The Illustrated Harper & MacTavish Reader costs $15 (tax-paid) annually. The subscription brings you, via e-mail, four issues of the magazette, published the first Saturday in January, April, July and October. It also includes weekly cliffhanger serials (three to eight episodes per story), which begin distribution the second Saturday of January, April, July and October. All files are distributed online in .pdf format, for onscreen viewing in Adobe Reader or a compatible .pdf reader. (If you insist, the files can be mailed to you each quarter on CD; please add $5 annually for materials, postage and handling.)

FREE TRIAL!!! Request to see the first issue simply by sending an e-mail note to d@danieleltonharmon.com. Then pay to continue the subscription only if you're satisfied!

Checks, cash or money orders are accepted. No credit cards; we can't support the credit industry.

Please make checks to "Dan Harmon" and remit to P.O. Box 143, Converse, SC 29369.

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