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HandHeldCrime. Harper the crime reporter made his public debut in Volume 22 of this mystery e-magazine 2 October 2001. HandHeldCrime published "The Swindlers Circle," one of the stories from The Chalk Town Train & Other Tales. HHC has suspended publication, but material remains online.

MYSTERICAL-E. Also in October 2001, the mystery e-zine Mysterical-E published "The Derelict Seaman," a second story from The Chalk Town Train & Other Tales. Like HHC, Mysterical-E publishes a wide variety of mystery short fiction.

MURDEREXPRESS. Searching for a mystery? You'll find links to myriad mystery writers and their works here, with reviews.



World Historical Fiction. A clearinghouse of information on most every type of historical fiction in print.



Key Life Network. As a Bible teacher, Steve Brown has been described as "an original," and I think that'll be quickly obvious when you tune into his 15-minute daily radio broadcast, his books or his lectures. Steve is a professor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL, where I had the privilege of meeting him in 1994.

Spartanburg ARP Church. My favorite church in the world—hey, it's where my clan and me attend every Sunday (and Wednesday, and sometimes Tuesday. . .). If you're interested in historic Presbyterianism (we're part of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Synod), you'll find links here that explain everything, plus information about our local flock. Come visit!!



Deb FreakBast's B&B Industry Blog. Operating a bed-and-breakfast is a romantic notion in the minds of lots of us history/mystery types. But know what you're getting into. Deb's new blog offers a bounteous pantry of insights from B&B veterans. It's also a useful resource for travelers who prefer B&B lodgings.

THE HORNPIPE GUIDE TO B&Bs & HISTORIC INNs. One of the oldest B&B directories on the Internet (est. 1996), maintained by the author.



Sandlapper: The Magazine of South Carolina. My favorite periodical. Published quarterly, it features interesting people, places, events and (of course) history pertaining to my Palmetto State home.

50 THINGS TO DO WITH THE REST OF YOUR LIFE--THE WEB SITE. I had the privilege of editing this book by Robert Pearce Wilkins, my long-time boss at Sandlapper magazine. (RPW Publishing Corp., June 2003). It's an excellent life enrichment resource.

Dan Stevenson and Friends, Columbia Area Writers. Poetry, storytelling and songwriting come naturally to my friend from Winnsboro, SC. His Web site is becoming a magnet for central SC writers.

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