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Historical Mystery
Literature Resources


CRIMINAL HISTORY. For readers of historical crime fiction, from ancient Egypt to the 1930s.

GASLIGHT. A volunteer project maintained at Mount Royal College's English Department. Ostensibly a discussion group, it also contains a treasury of biographical materials and published works. See, for example, its Amelia B. Edwards page.

THE GROBIUS SHORTLING MYSTERY NOVEL SITE. "Classical mysteries, whodunnits, impossible crimes, locked room murders, procedurals, British country houses, London, Sherlock Holmes, John Dickson Carr, spy novels," etc.

HISTORICAL NOVEL SOCIETY. U.K. site devoted to new historical fiction.

THE LITERARY GOTHIC. "A decade of helping the web GET HAUNTED."

MURDEREXPRESS. Searching for a mystery? You'll find links to myriad mystery writers and their works here, with reviews.

MYSTERICAL-E. Mystery e-zine, publisher of short fiction (including "The Derelict Seamen," a story from The Chalk Town Train & Other Tales).

MYSTERYNET. Features free online mysteries and mystery games; free monthly e-mail mystery. Discusses books, movies, TV shows, more.

Author/Character-Specific Web Sites

THE AMERICAN CHESTERTON SOCIETY. Much ado about author G.K. Chesterton, including Father Brown materials.

AGATHA CHRISTIE. "The official online home" presented by her grandchild Mathew Prichard. Multiple resources.

AGATHACHRISTIE.NET: The Icelandic Homepage. Leads to bio information, celebrated characters, books/films/plays, trivia.

AMELIA B. EDWARDS. Biographical details and writings maintained at the University of Pennsylvania.

Sherlockian.Net. Chris Redmond's colossal site devoted to Arthur Conan Doyle & Sherlock Holmes.

The Chronicles of SIr ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE. Marsha Perry provides biographical information, quotations, games and more.

The Edgar Allan Poe society of baltimore. Biographical details, published works, links, more.

Poe Museum. Located in Richmond, VA, the museum provides extensive online educational resources, selected works, etc.

Edgar Allan Poe, 1809-1849. Austrian site of Stefan Gmoser dedicated to Poe's works; contains more than 100 stories & poems, plus articles & criticism.


BLACK HAT MYSTERY BOOKSTORE. Mystery novelist Gary Nordell's online mystery clearinghouse.

THE POISONED PEN. Bookseller in Scottsdale, AZ, with online reviews and other fine content.

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