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You may be wondering. . . .

After reading the first volume of "The Harper Chronicles" series, you probably have a few questions about the odd crime reporter who finds so many intrigues and stirs up so many hornets nests. Here are some answers, in the author's own words, that you might find edifying . . . or not. Please direct your inquiries to the author. Answers will be posted here.

* * *

Are "The Harper Chronicles" autobiographical?
Absolutely not.

If the "Chronicles" were to be made into a television serial, what actor(s) do you think should portray "Harper?"
No idea. When I envision Harper, the physical features are rather vague. In terms of personality, the more I write about him, the less I understand him.

How old is Harper?*
He was born in 1842.

Was Harper ever married?

Ever in love?

Will we see more of his sister and niece in future volumes of the series?

Will we get to meet his mother?

Will we see more of Donnabelle Ropp?

Will Harper and Ropp ever get married.
Preposterous question.

What is Harper's first name?
Don't know.

Then how does his byline appear in print when his newspaper articles are published?
I'll have to look into that.

With a name like Harper, we'd think he would be of Irish descent, not Scottish?
I wouldn't suggest that to him, if I were you.

Does Harper carry a gun?
Not on the street, generally. When he goes hunting, yes—especially when bear hunting in the Smoky Mountains. On the writing desk of his city quarters, for paperweights, he has two antique, black-powder pistols which will come to bear in one of the future chronicles.

Who are Harper's favorite chess masters?
Morphy & Steinitz.

Does Harper vote Democratic or Republican?
Harper loathes politics (even more than journalism).

In "The Tavern Horror," Page 114, we're told Wadinger the tavern master served in the Navy and visited South America. Four pages later, we learn Wadinger rode with Hampton's cavalry brigade during the Civil War. Explain that.
After the Civil War, he joined the U.S. Navy for want of something better to do, I suppose.

When will Volume Two of "The Harper Chronicles" appear?
Tentatively, 2009.

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